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For use of tables to display information in information database, see information database:Tables.
"Tabular" redirects here. For the typewriter key, see tab key. For the bone at the back of the skull, see tabular bone.
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Table may refer to:

  • Table (furniture), a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs
  • Table (information), a data arrangement with rows and columns
  • Table (database)
  • Calligra Tables, a spreadsheet application
  • Mathematical table
  • Table (landform)
  • Table (parliamentary procedure)
  • Tables (board game)
  • The Table, a volcanic tuya in British Columbia, Canada
  • Table, surface of the sound board (music) of a string instrument
  • Al-Ma'ida, the fifth sura of the Qur'an, usually translated as “The Table”
  • Water table

See also[]

  • Spreadsheet, a computer application
  • Table cut, a type of diamond cut
  • Table Mountain (disambiguation)
  • Table Rock (disambiguation)
  • Tabler (disambiguation)
  • Tablet (disambiguation)
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